What is the Design/ Build Method?

The Design/ Build (D/B) method is one of the oldest, and most efficient methods of completing a construction project. In this method, the D/B contractor holds a single contract with the client, and manages all phases of construction from start to finish- including the planning stages, permit procurement, and the management of subcontractors. As the single point of responsibility for the project, Benchmark Built assumes responsibility for the entire process, and handles all communication between involved parties– so you don’t have to!

design build

“I’m most excited about the Design/ Build Method because it usually results in more innovative, high-quality, and resilient projects.” -Bill Cole

When you choose Benchmark Built as your D/B contractor, we utilize years of experience and bring together the best possible team to meet your needs.  From architects, engineers, sub contractors, and designers–we know that working together as a team spurs innovation, and ensures feasibility in each step of the process. We’ve also found that this type of teamwork saves a lot of time during the constructions process, which inevitably,  saves our clients money and stress in the long run. If you are thinking about a new construction project, or commercial/ residential renovations, consider choosing Benchmark’s D/B services.